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About Hfactor Therapy.

At Hfactor therapy we offer our clients spiritual guidance, holistic therapies, psychic readings and peace of mind. We specialise in psychic services with a holistic approach. Our purpose is to help you develop spiritually in order for you to gain and maintain a quality lifestyle and help you in the healing process to bring purpose on your path’s journey.

• You wish to discover your life’s purpose • Enter into your past lives to understand issues in your present life• You wish to be self empowered and to find balance or maybe understand your soul mate connections • Well, why not let us assist you on this path of self discovery.

With Hfactor Therapy we come to you with our mobile services!

Soul mate connection readings

Distant energy and cord healing

Third party telepathic connection readings

Remote and distance healing

Psychic Party evenings or afternoons

Past life regression tarot readings

Love and relationship readings


• Reiki Healing

• Reiki attunements

• Crystal Therapy

• Tarot Readings

• Meditation Classes

• And much more!